we count on contributions to keep our Pow Wow going

and to achieve our mission

This donation helps cover operating expenses for this event - for example the Event insurance and food & beverages for breakfast, drum lunch and feasts.

2021 Vendor Interest

No Vendor Fee: Covid - 19

If you are interested in vending at our 2021 Pow Wow please contact us here.

Every vendor must have a teaching pertaining to Native American culture, trades, traditions history.

Can be demonstration, teaching, printed handout, or educational display


Flint knapping


Bowels & utensils

Tanning hides

Food preservation

Smoking meat

Grinding & using grains

Nutting stone use

Making bows

Fire Starting techniques

Sports & amusements

Basket weaving

Corn husk dolls

Games & toys

native american pigments

plant based dies and paints

Quill work

Uses of Bear oil & other oils

We already Have Beading and Dreams Catchers being demonstrated.

If you are interested in Drumming, Storytelling, flute playing or other Turtle Island Indigenous arts you would like to preform at our 2021 Pow Wow please contact us here.
Sorry, Didgeridoos are not Native to North America or Central America.


Participants & Attendants

Rules & Regulations

Participant Information

Not For Public

Honoring of the Elders cordially invites you to participate in our Annual Native American Inter-Tribal Pow Wow at the Tamworth Camping Area. The Pow Wow is held at 194 Depot Rd, Tamworth, New Hampshire 03886.


There is Free rough camping in a field  on Pow Wow grounds for our Pow Wow participants for the duration of the Pow Wow.  There is also Free rough camping  for vendors behind your vendor booth for the duration of the Pow Wow. For all other campground campsites and camper rentals please call the campground for rates and revise your site (603)323-8031.


 We ask that you help spread the word about this Pow Wow during your travels. We are looking forward to another positive Pow Wow




Tamworth Camping Area – www.tamworthcamping.com 603-323-8031

NOTE: The Pow Wow is not put on by the Tamworth Camping Area it is just held on the campgrounds property.

2021 Vendors, Drums,

Storytellers, Flute Players,

dancers and other participants


1. Both vendors and visitors should wear a mask when interacting in vendor tent.
2. Only one visitor at a tent at a time, unless it's a parent with small children.
3. We will ask visitors to stay 6 feet apart as they visit the booths.

4. All vendors will have a bottle of hand sanitizer on their table for visitor use.
5. Vendor booths will be at least 12 feet apart.