Covid-19 Warning

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Our  2021  Vendors, Drums & Other Participants

Coming soon

1 person (browser/shopper) in a vendor booth/area at a time. Unless there is a small child with an adult

Masks or face shields

6ft social Distancing for people who don't reside in the same residence/household

2021 Vendors will be listed as the applications are approved. Thank you for your patient



Vendors will open at 10:00am and close at 4:30pm.

Vendor booths will be a minimum of 12ft apart. Please wear a mask or face shield, have hand sanitizer available and wear masks or shields, 1 shopper at a time.  1 adult shopper or 1 adult shopper and 1 minor child at a time in vendor merchandise area. As a vendor if you are not camping within the Pow Wow area please leave the area of the Pow Wow or Campground of not renting a campsite by 6pm.

Each Vendor when not busy with costumers will have a demonstration/teaching that pertains to Native American Culture. If the Vendors is not busy please ask them about their demonstration/teaching.

2021 Drums/story tellers will be listed soon. Thank you for your patients.

2021 Drums/Story Tellers

Drumming and Dancing will began at 11:00pm

Pow Wow drum recommendations for covid-19, 4 drummers at one time on a drum and singers 6ft away.

Drum groups will each be under their own 12x12 separate canopy with a roped off area of a minimum of 6ft away from the canopy.




2021 Vendor Interest

For 2 Days

Because of Covid-19 vending id free this year

Want to Vend

at our 2021

Pow Wow

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Want to Drum,

Flute Play, Story-tell,

or hand drum,

at our 2021

Pow Wow

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2021 Drum Interest

Guest Drums always welcome

Want to Drum

at our 2021

Pow Wow

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We Look Forward to seeing old friends

and meeting new friends.

Late Spring Gathering
May 15, 2022, 10:00 AM EDT – May 16, 2022, 4:30 PM EDT
194 Depot Rd,
194 Depot Rd, Tamworth, NH 03886, USA

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