Incorporation Documents


By making full and accurate information about its mission, activities, finances, and governance publicly available, Honoring of the Elders practices and encourages transparency and accountability to the general public.

EIN: 46-4795732


You can download FOXIT a free PDF Read at

Honoring of the Elders Artical of Incorporation

Honoring of the Elders Bylaws

Honoring of the Elders conflict of interest policy

Maine Non-Profit Charter

Honoring of the Elders Structure

Our Mission, What we are about, and how we plan on doing it.

IRS Self-Declared Non-Profit Organizations          Tax Exemt approval

IRS in System to file Non-Profit form 990N E-Postcard approval

2014  and 2015 990-N Filings

Terms and Conditions  *  Incorporation Documents

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