How Can

You help

We need people who are willing to work with our community in supporting our special event.


We need donations in the form of:

  • We need people to post flyers around your town

  • We need people to setup and break down.

  • During the pow-wow itself, we need lots of people power

We need volunteers to:

  • keep our drums, vendors and elders supplied with water

  • help keep the area litter-free, empty trash cans

  • help with parking cars

  • Help greet people at the gate and take a head count

If you are willing to do one or more of these, your help will be greatly appreciated! If choose to help for short periods throughout the day, you will find that you will have time to enjoy the pow-wow.

Please help us to continue a special tradition. We appreciate any help you can provide.

If you are interested in helping Please Call Aric or Heather at 603-617-5852


In the past we've had many wonderful individuals volunteer.

Thanks to ALL the Volunteers who have helped us throughout the years. You are all incredible!

Thanks! Message sent.

We Look Forward to seeing old friends

and meeting new friends.

How You Can Help 
Looking forward to a wonderful
Late Spring Pow Wow Gathering