Please read the rules and regulations carefully, as you will be subject to them.

By Participating/Attending the Event Participant/Attendant agrees to all rules & regulations set forth.

Covid-19 Protocol: All Participant's/Attendants must wear a mask or face shield when not eating, sit a least 6ft away from anyone that is in your household.


All Participant's/Attendants will need to go thought a covid-19 question screening and have there temperature taken with a touch less forehead thermometer before they enter for setup and every morning at the gate Before the Event opens to the public at 10am both Saturday and Sunday morning and upon. Please do this before 9:30am each morning.

Event closes to the public at 4:30pm. Participant's/Attendants If you are not camping within the Event please leave the area of the Event by 5pm. Vendors If you are not camping within the Pow Wow please leave the area of the Event by 6pm.

We are very sorry no breakfast, drum lunch, feasts, beverages will be provided this year, and no food service vendors either because of Covid-19 protocol. Please bring your own.


• The Participant's/Attendants are responsible for complying with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. The Participants assumes all responsibility and holds Honoring of the Elders pow wow and Tamworth Camping Area harmless for any violation.


• All camping area/site assignments for Event Participant's/Attendants within the area of the Event grounds will be designated by the Event Coordinators. The Event Coordinator retains the right to make any necessary changes, at any time, without prior notice to the Participant.


• All Participant's/Attendants agree to load in and load out at designated locations and times and to park in designated areas set forth by Event Coordinator of its volunteer Staff.


• All Participant's/Attendants agree to clean up and keep clean their designated space and to use appropriate trash receptacles. DO NOT put cigarette butts on the ground. Upon leaving take all trash to the dumpster by the campground office and double check that you didn't leave anything behind.


• If you have pets they will be required to be on a leash/harness at all times or be in a proper pet cage/enclosure. Pets need to be under handler control at all times. Handler must clean up after them, even if they go in the tree line. No animals are to be left in vehicles alone for any length of time. Please have current rabies vaccination certificate with you. Per campground rules. It is your responsibility to take care of your pet(s) and not the Honoring of the Elders and its volunteer staff.


• There are to be no fires, unless it is in a campsite fireplace provided by the campground and all campground rules and regulations regarding campfires must be followed. This means no outside fire receptacles.


• There is to be no gray water dumped on the ground. Gray water is water that may contain any amount of food, grease, hair, and cleaning product. Gray water is a pollutant to the well water, river and other water sources in the area. Please use the campgrounds dump stations located by the men’s room.


• Participant's/Attendants will be responsible for the behavior of their participating group so as to not reflect negatively on the Event, Event Coordinators and the campground.


• All campground rules and regulations must be followed.


• All Participant's/Attendants should be respectful of other participant's/attendants, public guest, Event volunteer staff, campground staff, campground owners and family, campground guests (customers) and Event Coordinators .

• The consumption or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and anyone found with any of these will result in being removed from the Pow Wow. Likewise, for anyone found under the influence of any alcohol or illegal drug. No smoking of cannabis. No possession of Firearms within Event, this includes law enforcement. These are ground for removal from the Event and denied entry for the remainder of the Event.


• We ask that if your mind is not clear because of a foreign substance that you not participate in the Event..
You should be clear of mind for the safety of yourself and other so that you can make sound judgments and decisions and not put yourself or others in danger.

• Event Coordinators, Volunteer staff, and Campground and their staff are not responsible for any loss, damage, accidents, injuries, stolen or lost articles, while attending the Event.Event Coordinators, Volunteer staff, and Campground and their staff are not responsible for the welfare of short-funded travelers, Participant's/Attendants.

• By Participating/Attending in the Event Participant's/Attendants voluntarily assumes all risks related to the exposure of Covid-19.

• By Participating/Attending in the Event Participant's/Attendants agree to protect, indemnify and save Honoring of the Event Coordinators, Volunteer staff, and Campground and their staff harmless from and against any and all damage, cost, losses, liability and claims for any injuries or illness to persons or property relating to or arising from attending the Event, or acts or omissions of attendant, dependents, his/her guests, agents, subcontractor attendees, other event attendants/participants howsoever caused.


• All decisions by the Event Coordinators are final.





We Look Forward to seeing old friends

and meeting new friends.

  • Late Spring Gathering
    May 15, 2022, 10:00 AM EDT – May 16, 2022, 4:30 PM EDT
    194 Depot Rd, 194 Depot Rd, Tamworth, NH 03886, USA

Participants Rules & Regulations
These rules and regulations apply to public guest too.