Pow Wow Etiquette and Tips

  • Please show respect and leave the chairs and blankets around the dance circle alone. Please bring your own chair or blanket. Please bring your own sun/rain cover. Do not enter a canopy that is setup around the dance circle without permission. There is a canopy setup for elderly senior citizens and physically disabled.

  • Please ask permission before taking an individual's picture outside the dance circle. It's just polite and dancers may have religious reasons for avoiding photos. Never enter the dance circle for a photo. If the picture is for publication or commercial use, it needs to be explained before the picture is taken.

  • Pictures and videos should NOT be taken during Prayers, Grand Entry, Flag Song, Veterans Song, any Honor songs, smudging or any other time announced. If caught taking pictures during these times you will be asked to deleted them on the spot. if caught again you could be asked to leave the pow wow.

  • Public guests will know it's okay for them to join in the dancing when the Announcer calls an inter-tribal dance.

  • If you want to learn just ask, the dancers, firekeepers and the vendors to explain most will be eager to share their knowledge with you.

  • It's okay to admire a dancer's clothing but, please do not call it a costume. It's not something we put on because we're going out to trick or treat or to dress up and play Indian. It's better to refer to the dance clothing as an outfit or regalia.

  • Do not touch the dancer’s regalia (traditional clothing).

  • Regalia is traditional or ceremonial clothing. It is held in great regard and respect. It can signify special events, spiritual traditions, have symbols rooted in family traditions or legend. Many of the handmade outfits cost thousands of dollars, and are cherished. Sometimes they are made by a highly respected family member or friend. Frequently they are heirlooms passed down and are be delicate. Dancers take great care to ensure their outfits are intact and safe during a powwow. If not, the dancer stands a chance of dropping a part of their regalia.

  • If a dancer drops any piece or part of their regalia, do not pick it up, please notify them or Pow Wow staff.

  • The dance circle represents the circle of unity and the cycle of life. It is a Spiritual place, similar to a church.

  • Dancers often follow the clockwise pattern of the sun. Few will follow the counter clockwise pattern of the Eagle.

  • At no time should animals be allowed in the dance circle.

  • It is okay to dance barefoot and it is okay for adults to dance while carrying infants or small children.

  • Do not go under the ropes to enter the dance circle, including children. Please use the east gate to enter the dance circle. If it will be your first time entering the dance circle we highly suggest speaking to the Fire keeperand getting smudged before entering. All are welcome.

  • When a blanket dance is announced, please donate what you can when the blanket passes you. The money will be donated to the drums. The drummers and their families are not paid to play at this pow wow. They travel great distances to honor us with their music and this money helps cover their travel expenses.

  • Please watch your children. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. It is in everyone’s best interests that you know where they are and what they are doing.

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For our public guest The Tamworth Camping Area has campsite rentals

available for the Pow Wow. Reserve your site by calling

The Tamworth Camping Area at 603-323-8031.

For our public guest The Tamworth Camping Area has campsite rentals

available for the Pow Wow. Reserve your site by calling

The Tamworth Camping Area at 603-323-8031.