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What We Are About

Who We Are

Honoring of the Elders is a 501(c)3 - A23 cultural preservation - 100% Volunteer

Cultural preservation and protection is a major concern for indigenous peoples who have become minorities in their own lands. Colonization has often been accompanied by loss of cultural resources including language, histories, art forms, spiritual ceremonies and intellectual knowledge. Retaining and safeguarding the culture for future generations has therefore become an urgent matter especially in the face of globalization and the inevitable attrition of older generations who have served as the carriers of culture.

Colonization occurred when a new group of people migrated to North America, took over and began to control Indigenous Peoples. Colonizers impose their own cultural values, religions, and laws, make policies that do not favor the Indigenous Peoples. They seize land and control the access to resources and trade. As a result, the Indigenous people become dependent on colonizers.

Colonizers thought they were superior to all those with Indigenous descent, and some did not consider Indigenous Peoples to be “people” at all. They did not consider Indigenous laws, governments, medicines, cultures, beliefs, or relationships to be legitimate. They believed that they had/have the right and moral obligation to make decisions affecting everybody, without consultation with Indigenous Peoples. These beliefs and prejudices were used to justify the acts and laws that came into being as part of the process of colonization.

We, Honoring of the Elders, do not hold Pow Wow Gatherings or teachings to make money or to sell our culture and traditions. We hold the Late Spring Pow Wow Gathering to carry on a long standing tradition, to preserve the culture, and to educate the public, not to entertain the public.

Everyone who is part of Honoring of the Elders non-profit and everyone who helps put on this Pow Wow Gatherings or any of the educational teachings is a volunteer and are not paid.

There is no financial gain for anyone, just moral and spiritual gain.

If public guests do donate at the entry gate of a Honoring of the Elders Pow Wow Gathering,

it does not go to the Event organization Honoring of the Elders.

This money goes to the grounds host. The grounds hosts do not charge Honoring of the Elders for the use of the grounds/area the event is held and the restroom facilities.

So, this money goes to offset their cost for the care and upkeep of the grounds, the restrooms. It also goes towards the use of electricity, and lets not forget they provide the use of their trash. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. 

No one will be turned away for not making a financial contribution.

We Look Forward to seeing old friends

and meeting new friends.

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